Supply Chain Consulting Services

The Types of Problems DuBois and Associates Solve -- And the Results Achieved

DuBois Associates has extensive experience helping companies with various operational situations:

  • Production Yield- Learn how we helped a manufacturer improve its production yield loss rate from 50% to less than 2%.
  • Product or Service Failures - Learn how we reduced warranty returns from 18% to less than 3%.
  • Missed Deadlines - Missing one deadline is a mistake; missing multiple is a pattern. Learn why it keeps happening and how to fix it.  Implement a system that makes delivery times a competitive weapon.
  • Inability to quickly scale for demand peaks - discover how even the most complex manufacturing situations can achieve rapid scaling without mistakes. Capture profits from critical market timing.
  • Margins that limit growth - Ask us how we have helped companies turn their operations into a competitive differentiator with significantly more pricing flexibility.
  • Order-to-shipment cycle time takes too long - Regardless of how much leverage you think you have, start seeing cash conversion cycles faster than you may have thought possible.

Too much capital tied up in inventory - learn how other companies have moved from “Just in Case” to “Just in Time” to greatly increase their cash flow and agility.

Achieving “World Class” Manufacturing and Operations Excellence - We Build Operational Engines that Run After Our Consultancy Ends

Every company experiences different obstacles to achieving high-end operational performance. However, turnaround produces similar outcomes, such as:

  • Experiencing an organizational structure and culture that aligns with company vision and strategy -- Get buy-in from mid and low-level employees and see them contribute more and more to the company’s success.
  • Obtaining Buy-in from all employees by leveraging intellectual capital at all levels of the workforce -- Get employees to view constructive criticism positively and embrace the “big picture.”.
  • Building organizational harmony -- re-orienting antagonistic internal relationships by focusing on winning.
  • Continuous Improvement - Organizations that achieve a Continuous Improvement culture will always be superior competitors in their marketplace.
  • Streamlining the processes, no matter how simple or complex -- learn how high-end, Fortune 500 companies view product handling and movement on the line.

Changes to people, processes, and systems result in continuous improvement that can constantly improve your bottom line.  Ending the need for ongoing consultancy.

Primary Services

We integrate manufacturing and operational best practices with change management to create exceptional results. By focusing on the People, Processes, and Systems, we deliver lasting cost reductions and value enhancements to the business.

We work together to assess the current state of your manufacturing or operations. We'll provide benchmarks and best practices while evaluating the potential magnitude of improvements and results
Based on the completed evaluation, we develop a customized transformation model to embed sustainable change in the organization, including: quick wins; organizational structure; strategic projects resulting in significant cost savings; and training to develop the skills to embed and sustain the new dynamic.
Talent Management
We offer various levels of contracting for talent management. This may include sourcing, screening, testing, interviews, or questionnaires - hire us for the whole process or just one part. We help you find the best people for your manufacturing or operations turnaround based on our deep domain knowledge.

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